This tour concerns the southern part of the island, which includes an island
uninhabited except for the sea turtles, Marathonisi (turtle island) is part of the
National Marine Park of Zakynthos. The sandy beach is where the sea turtle goes to
lay its eggs. There are also two interesting sea caves, where you can swim. Also the
tour includes the Blue caves on the shores of Keri and recommended swimming on
the Mizithres Rocks.
Enjoy the fine Greek Wine and the delicious Mediterranean style lunch we will have
prepared for you to fulfil the dream day.
For our underwater enthusiasts, snorkelling equipment will be provided for
fascinating aquatic explorations in crystal clear waters.
Choose the rhythm of your cruise
Whether you wish to relax in harmony upon stunning golden bays, or feel like
dancing in amazingly set musical vibes, the choice is yours and in all cases we will
recommend and expose you to the best of both worlds.

Cruise include:

1. Laganas Bay – National Marine Park
2. Cameo Island
3. Marathonisi Turtle Island
– turtle spotting
4. Keri Caves
5. Mizithres Rocks